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Lotion is usually in the form of an oil and water emulsion that’s applied to the skin as a topical for a variety of benefits including healing dry skin and as a preventive measure and treatment for blemishes. Lotions have minerals and vitamins designed to smoothen and soften the skin, provide  UV protection like sunscreen, and even promote tanning. Lotions can also be used as topical medical applications in the case of acne blemish gels and cortisone creams. Although it has fewer overall applications than lotion, moisturizer is a similar emulsion of oils, lubricants, skin lipids and sterols used to hydrate the skin. Moisturizers range from low to high viscosity depending on the type of skin they are manufactured for and treat dry skin, improve skin tone and are also designed to cover up blemishes.

 Many of the traditional and less expensive products are chemical based. They contain synthetic oils and other chemicals that are unnatural and may increase skin dryness and other conditions instead of helping to improve these blemishes. Those prone to rashes and allergic reactions to certain types of chemicals found in common lotions and moisturizers are in luck as there are now body lotions that contain natural ingredients like Silky Hand and Body Lotion made by D&C Soap Company.

As we become more health conscious as a society and people begin to take health matters into their own hands, the demand for all natural, organic lotions and moisturizers has increased and the skin care industry has paid head to this trend in manufacturing newer, more natural products.

Natural Skin Moisturizer

Many people deal with skin dryness at some point in their life or on a regular, seasonal basis. Moisturizers increase moisture availability by bringing minerals and oils back in the skin and working from beneath the skin. When using moisturizers, it is important to use an all-natural skin moisturizer or you are essentially dumping chemicals into your body that can be harmful. There are an abundance of natural ingredients for moisturizers so they really are not that much more expensive.

Natural moisturizers are more eco-friendly, avoid chemical irritation, have fewer side effects and are gentler on the skin. Being all natural saves the planet from big chemical factories that pollute and also in the byproduct of disposal. Not all, but some unnatural lotions can cause skin irritation or odd side effects such as a rash. Overall, natural products better and while you may not notice the effects right away, after continued use you will eventually realize that natural products are better and gentler on the skin vs the unnatural products.

D&C Soap Company Silky Hand and Body Lotion

D&C Soap Company lotions contain other beneficial ingredients from natural sources, like shea butter which penetrate the skin to hydrate and rejuvenate, restoring damaged skin cells. It also contains Coconut Oil and Apricot Oil which contain minerals and nutrients just like their natural, organic counterparts however they also include water molecule like substance used to keep things moist and emulsions or mixtures of various naturally occurring and artificial lubricants lipids that bind together with minerals and nutrients to produce a moisturizing topical lotion. 

Why Apricot & Coconut Oil?

Apricot oils high content of antioxidants makes it especially strong in protecting, preventing and rejuvenating all skin types. Apricot oil is Mother Nature’s blend of many different ingredients. There are vitamins, antioxidants, fatty acids, essential fatty acids and more. Each is unique and each is beneficial for skin. Apricot oil benefits your skin with a high content of vitamin E. Vitamin E is an antioxidant naturally found in your skin’s own sebum. Being skin identical means it’s especially soothing. Using potent and precious Vitamin E rich facial oil replenishes your skin’s natural antioxidant reserves, it will help anti-age your skin..

Apricot oil can help stop blackheads because of its high antioxidant content. When the oil inside of your pores is protected, it doesn’t turn black and therefore not only are you protecting against future black headed spots, your pores will also look smaller and less visible. 

 To function at its best, your skin cells need water. Apricot oil benefits your skin by resealing your skin barrier. You might not know it, but your skin barrier is oil based. Oil and water don’t mix and this is how your skin holds onto hydration.

As for Coconut oil, the benefits are almost endless. It is a perfect Cuticle Cream. Rub the oil into your cuticles to prevent dryness. Foot Cream, slathering your feet in coconut oil to really tackle those dry areas. Make-up remover -Coconut oil is rich in omega-3 fatty acids, making it a powerful lubricant capable of dislodging makeup particles. Cellulite Treatment – Rubbing coconut oil all over the body serves not only to hydrate and restore the lipid layer with omega-3 fatty acids, it also increases the metabolism at the cellular level so you will be detoxed and hydrated. 

Vegetable Glycerine

D&C Soap Company only uses Vegetable Glycerin in our lotion. Glycerin acts as a very effective moisturizer on the skin. It makes your skin absorbs water from air reducing the dry and dull patches on your skin. It’s therefore very useful in winters as well. Glycerin can be applied directly onto the skin as a moisturizer. It adds hydration and health to your skin. Glycerin is also known for its meditative properties that work to heal dry, rough and irritated skin.

Glycerin acts as an emollient that keeps your skin not only moist, but soft and supple to touch. It makes your skin looks healthier and attractive, devoid of the scaly looks and other characteristics of dry skin. Its therapeutic effects on wounds and other skin disease also lead your skin to look healthier and smoother.

Glycerin is able to guide cells to grow and mature more effectively, thus helping the skin heal. Glycerin also acts as a natural medication for fungal infections like eczema and psoriasis, by reducing bruising and helping the infected tissue and cells to repair themselves more quickly.

The Best lotion!!!!

In Closing, we believe that D&C Soap Company makes the best lotion at an affordable price, but don’t take our word for it, try it yourself and decide!