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by Kathie Freeze on D&C Soap Company

I recently ordered from D&C, and could not be happier with my experience! My order was processed quickly and delivered to my door in just days. The soaps I ordered are wonderful! The essential oil diffuser I received works so quietly and fills my room with the best aromas. Not only will I recommend D&C Soap Company, but I will be ordering from them again!

by Karen Collins on D&C Soap Company

I have a couple of spots of eczema on my hands and with my occupation I have to wash or use hand sanitizer constantly. I received and used a bottle of the Silky Hand & Body Lotion and in a couple of days I could tell a big difference. It doesn't take a large amount and it absorbed quickly leaving my hands smooth without the greasy feeling. Ready to get more!

by Carolyn on D&C Soap Company

I have struggled for years with very sensitive skin. Pretty much every product I use caused me to break out in a rash. I was introduced the D & C Soap Company a little over a year ago, and I absolutely love all of the products. No matter which soap I choose out of their line, I have never had any problems. I recently started using the bath bombs, because who doesn’t love bath bombs right? At any rate, while out of town, my teenage daughter wanted to go into a very popular and very expensive store that is known for their bath bombs, so of course I agreed. While in the store I decided to buy one of the expensive ones and do my own little test to see which one was the best quality. The bath bombs from D & C were hands down the best; more fizz and more aroma, and the skin felt like silk after using it. I will never purchase from the high end stores again. D & C has my business from now on.

by Rachel on D&C Soap Company

I bought a lavender gift set and used it the same night, it all smells so wonderful and I loved how moisturizing the bath bomb and body wash was. Definitely will be buying more bombs!!

by Gary on D&C Soap Company

My name is Gary, several months ago I had a serious skin condition. The dermatologist said it was one of the worst cases of fungal infection she had seen. She cleared it up with medical and creams, which were quite expensive. Then she told me I would have to continue with creams and powders because there was still a little left and it would come back worse than before. I bought a couple of bars of the Sandstorm fragrance for men and started using it instead of the Irish Spri** that I had been using. My skin has cleared up and I haven't used any powders or creams. My skin is smooth and soft and there is no trace of the infection.